Saturday, November 21, 2009

Elements of Story(Indarapatra at Sulayman)

Analysis of the elements of the story, Indarapatra and Sulayman.
I. Characters Protagonists: Indarapatra
  • He is brave and wise
  • He is king
  • He is a warrior
  • He is knowledgeable and skillful in hunting, farming, weaving, blacksmithing, healing, fishing, and herding.
  • He can fly
  • He is compassionate. He showed this personality by being very emotional upon his brother’s death.
  • Possesses outstanding leadership qualities (refer to the book, Philippine folk epics: THE EPICS, Introduction, pages xvii to xxiii).
  • Also brave
  • Obedient to his king
  • Without mental reservation, he sets forth to defend and protect his countrymen.
  • He can also fly at an incredible speed
  • Kurita
  • Pah------Very big bird
  • Tarabusaw
  • Seven-headed bird----Bird with seven heads
· These monsters are created to represent the greater odds that man has faced in his life. Life consists of vicissitudes that make up his daily challenges. He becomes a weakling amidst the cosmic reality that permeates his fragile body. The suns ray for example causes harm to the skin when one is exposed to it unnecessarily. Furthermore, natural calamities, diseases, and other elements that can cause havoc and destruction to lives and properties also include in the projection of these antagonists. The monsters may also represent tribal enemies.

II. Setting

III. Plot
Use the Narrative Graph to plot the sequences of events of the story.

IV. Theme
· To be a good leader, the story tells us that there are certain qualities one must have. These are the following: 1. loud voice 2. impressive physical appearance 3. captures the ire of his followers, and 4. possesses the ability to face the greater odds that come his way. · A true hero is one who is willing to sacrifice his life so that others may be saved. He uses his abilities to combat and overcome elements that can cause havoc and destruction to the community. He sets forth to the frontline like a pawn ready to face the enemies.

V. Moral
1. Love your country.


  1. pagkinopya, bakit pati background nakokopya rin

    1. dependi kung kinontrol V mo, pero kung ginamitan mo ng mouse puydi sulat lang lumabas.. try mo..! :-)

  2. anu po yung conflict?? man vs anu po??

  3. Replies
    1. (I think) Sulyaman sliced Pah's wings and and Pah fell unto to the ground and squished Sulayman. Sulayman died.
      ":( but..... check the story of Indaraptra and Sulayman for more information. hehehe

  4. Bakit po na consider ma epic ang indarapatra and sulayman?

  5. Baking p.o. kinonsider na epic ito....

  6. Ano po ang literary standard nitong story?